Kenny & Anna

I was thrilled when Kenny & Anna invited me to New York City for a photoshoot. Without hesitation, I flew to NYC, eager to capture their love story amidst the urban landscape. Having already completed numerous beautiful sessions with them, I was determined to elevate our work even further. The challenge of shooting in an urban setting, a stark contrast to the natural landscapes I grew up with, was an exhilarating prospect.

Upon arrival, Anna shared her vision of encapsulating the essence of the big city in our photos. To me, nothing says NYC like its iconic yellow taxis. They symbolize the bustling life of the city and became a focal point in our shoot. Additionally, I purchased a copy of The New York Times, which, to our delight, became a highlight and a cherished element of our narrative.

Our photographic journey commenced in Soho. Here, we captured several shots, each frame soaking up the neighborhood's unique ambiance and character. The casual, candid moments between Kenny & Anna amidst the Soho streets brought an intimate feel to the urban backdrop.

Next, we ventured to the Brooklyn Bridge, an emblematic NYC landmark. The synergy of perfect lighting, favorable weather, and Kenny & Anna's undeniable chemistry made for an unforgettable session. The bridge, with its majestic structure and the city skyline in the background, provided a spectacular setting for our shoot.


We concluded our day in a cozy bar near Central Park, a fitting end to our city adventure. This moment allowed us to wind down and reflect on the day's successful shoot, amidst the calm and beauty of one of the city's most famous green spaces.

This NYC photoshoot was about more than just capturing a couple in love; it was about storytelling, embracing the dynamic spirit of the city, and the intimate, shared moments between Kenny & Anna. The New York Times newspaper we incorporated didn't just tell the world's stories; it became an integral part of ours, adding a unique layer to the narrative we were creating.