Hi everyone!


   My name is Alexandra Gabriel, I'm a Fine Art photographer, and I could not be happier with the career choice I’ve made.


   The story I am about to tell you has started long before I knew what I wanted to do for life. I was born into a family of an engineer and a TV producer; in a house with a creative atmosphere at its roots. Of course, it had a major impact on my life as a whole. At first, photography was just my hobby, however, soon I realized that this hobby would be the task of my lifetime, for I greatly enjoy doing the work I adore.  


   My love for photography was born and raised in Europe, which introduced me to a variety of cultures and traditions; meanwhile, my passion for gorgeous landscapes brought me to California. Currently, I am working alongside my husband and business partner, and we bring into being romantic photos and videos. We began traveling and now dream of buying our own house next to the ocean, where we can dedicate ourselves completely to our family and creative production.


   So why Fine Art photography you ask? That is because Fine Art photography is what allows the photographer to become a portrait painter, with the ability to erase that thin line between a photograph and pictorial art.


   A film is a thing of the past in the modern world of photography. However, it has become a

handy tool for me, allowing the pictures to transmit the natural gentle light and a delicate

atmosphere of emotion. The film is what makes you appreciate every shot taken. Additionally, the anticipation for the film to develop adds magical emotions to the overall artistic experience.

Photography has always been a part of history. History of a family, nation, or even the whole world. By taking photos today we create our legacy. That is what inspires me to create images without a shelf-life, which will be relevant and memorable many years to come. It is always important for us to get to know the couple better in order to tell their unique love story and true feelings precisely through the pictures we take. Then, when they will look at them many years later, they would still be consumed by the heart-warming feelings of gentle wind from the breeze in their hair, joyous smiles on their faces, and excitement that they experienced that day… The elegant pictures will be framed, printed in the albums, and will remain a part of the family forever.


   Our team will put all of their efforts into making that exceptional wedding dream come true!

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."