Julian & Lanie

Once upon a time, I received an invitation that sparked an adventure unlike any I had encountered before. Julian and Lanie, a lovely couple, had chosen me as their wedding photographer. But before the grand ceremony, they had a special request. They invited me to New York City to conduct their engagement photo shoot, a precursor to the main event. Their idea, steeped in tradition and cultural beauty, was to don traditional Korean attire for the shoot. The prospect thrilled me to my core, as I've always harbored a deep appreciation for capturing the essence of different cultures and traditions through my lens.

However, Lanie's main request presented an intriguing challenge. She desired a location that diverged from the typical NYC backdrop, seeking an ambiance that didn't scream "big city" but rather whispered tales of nature and tranquility. This was a departure from the norm, as most of my couples sought to encapsulate the bustling atmosphere of urban life. My mind raced with possibilities, but finding a spot that resonated with Korean culture while also meeting the couple's desire for a nature-centric setting proved daunting, especially in NYC—a stark contrast to California, with its abundance of locations that could fit the bill.

After much deliberation and exploration, my search led me to an unexpected yet perfect venue: Central Park. Although I had visited the park before, this mission demanded a fresh perspective, one that could transform the familiar into the extraordinary. Arriving early, I wandered through the park, allowing its landscapes to whisper secrets on how they could masquerade as slices of Korea. It was a task that required seeing the unseen, imagining the park not as an escape within a metropolis but as a portal to another world, far from the skyscrapers and the incessant hum of city life.

The day of the shoot arrived, and as Julian and Lanie, adorned in their beautiful traditional Korean outfits, stepped into the carefully selected corners of Central Park, magic unfolded. Through my lens, I captured moments of love and cultural pride, intertwined with the natural beauty that seemed worlds away from NYC. The verdant backdrops, the serene waters, and the gentle play of light and shadow all conspired to create a setting that could very well be mistaken for a serene spot in Korea.


The couple's reaction to the final photographs was a moment I'll cherish forever. They were astounded, having visited Central Park numerous times yet never seeing it through the lens I provided. "It's as if we've been transported to Korea for these photos," they exclaimed, their joy and satisfaction echoing the sentiments of a journey fulfilled.

This experience was a reminder of the power of photography, not just to capture moments, but to transcend boundaries and reinterpret spaces. Julian and Lanie's engagement shoot in Central Park, a place so quintessentially New York, was transformed into a serene, natural haven that paid homage to their cultural heritage, proving that with a bit of creativity and vision, even the most familiar settings can unveil new stories and adventures.